Traveling with the Dallens

What's Coming up?

It's been a great past year of traveling, including the Amazon, the Galapagos Islands, Southern Africa Argentina and Uruguay. I've moved the posting for our most recent trips to the archive: Blog Archive

So what is next?

Our cruise between Abu Dhabi and Athens has been canceled, thanks to the troubles in the Middle East. As a substitute, we are returning to the Low Countries and Northern France. We'll be taking cruise through the Netherlands and Belgium followed (after a few days in Paris) by a cruise of the Seine. 

The summer of 2024 we plan to visit the West Coast kids, then, starting in Vancouver, take the Trans Canada train across that country to Toronto. After visiting sites in Eastern Canada, we’ll head to Ohio and Michigan to visit more family.

The fall of 2024, we are to cruise the lower Danube and, that winter, check out the Caribbean.  We have plans, both specific and vague, for several trips after that, but we’ll get to those later.

Traveling with the Dallens

Blog postings for our past trips (at least those from 2015 on) have been moved to the archive. You can access the archive here:

Blog Archive

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John and Frances