Traveling with the Dallens

Followers of our original adventure, 160 Days on the Roads of Europe, were rudely trapped into postings for our more recent overseas trips, (I have spared you attempts to document most of our equally frequent road trips around the United States and  several other trips overseas.) As trips end, I convert the posts to pdf files and archive them. Should you be interested in reading--or re-reading--them, click on this link:!AprxJyAB0jo5hIZKA_JIrBR9IGjaxQ

So what overseas travel do we have coming up? In February 2020, we travel to Australia for a ten-day visit, then board a ship out of Sydney for a cruise to Abu Dhabi via Singapore, the Taj Mahal and places between. In June and July we return to France, the middle of the trip including a cruise of the Rhone and Saone. Then in August we head to the Caucasus, with an extension in Uzbekistan. After that, our only currently planned trip will include a hotel-barge journey on a canal in Burgundy--but I am sure, stamina and opportunity permitting, there will be more adventures.

John and Frances