Traveling with the Dallens

If you are looking for past blog postings, these have been moved to the archive:!AprxJyAB0jo5hIZKA_JIrBR9IGjaxQ


Followers of our original adventure, 160 Days on the Roads of Europe, were rudely trapped into postings for our more recent overseas trips. As trips end, I convert the posts to pdf files and archive them. Should you be interested in reading--or re-reading--them, click on this link:!AprxJyAB0jo5hIZKA_JIrBR9IGjaxQ

We had planned a tremendous suite of trips, tours and cruises for 2020, a total of seven months away from home, but COVID-19 changed all that. We hope a few longer-ranged planned trips in 2021 and beyond will happen, but we'll have to wait and see. It may be a brave new world for all of us by then.

John and Frances