The Oktokrona

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So what do the Dallen’s do between trips? For Frances, at the top of the list is tennis. For me, well, sometimes I write— except in these cases it’s fiction, mostly fantasies and science fiction. (No, the travel blog is mostly nonfiction, I swear.) I’ve gathered together a collection of the stories I’ve written into an anthology. The stories range from one page to over two hundred. Even better, I found out Kindle allows one to self-publish both an ebook and a printed book. So if you get bored waiting for my next travel posting, click on the picture below.

The Oktokrona

The Oktokrona

by John Dallen | Apr 6, 2019

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I now return you to your regularly scheduled activity.


Traveling with the Dallens

Followers of our original adventure, 160 Days on the Roads of Europe, were rudely trapped into postings for our more recent overseas trips, (I have spared you any attempts to document our equally frequent road trips around the United States or the several other trips overseas.) As trips end, I will convert the posts to pdf files and archive them. Should you be interested in reading them, click on this link:!AprxJyAB0jo5hIZKA_JIrBR9IGjaxQ

So what overseas travel do we have coming up? Our summer of 2019 venture to the fjords of Norway was canceled when the cruise ship we were scheduled to take failed to be launched. Maybe we'll try again some future year. We’ve replaced the cruise with a road trip through the upper mid-west, culminating in a cruise down the Mississippi to New Orleans.  Looking farther out (spring of 2020) we plan to resume our Regent voyages, starting in Sydney and cruising to Abu Dhabi. The summer of 2020 we will be on several of the rivers of France. I suspect there will be several other journeys in between, but we've not made those decisions yet.

John and Frances